100% fuzzing – a soulless job

Fast Track translation

Cheap. Cheaper. Fast. Faster. Welcome to the modern age! Everything has to be cheaper and happen faster. Everyone seems to be expanding while reducing costs, in order to make money even faster. You can opt for faster and cheaper and get the impression that you are saving money, but don’t fool yourself – there’s always a price to pay.

You can choose a low-cost airline and add the fast track service. Will you get a cheap flight? Sure. Fast? Probably. Will you be traveling comfortably? Not particularly. But don’t complain. You get what you pay for.

You can provide your translators with a CAT tool for translation, of course. Faster? In most cases. Does it help with consistency? Absolutely. Inspiring? Not much. A CAT tool enables translators to skip the boring stuff and concentrate on the creative bit. But a CAT tool is certainly not suited to all kinds of translation; in some cases it could even stifle the creative process. If used purely for calculation, saving money and speeding up processes, without taking the type of text into account, a CAT tool could result in a poor product. But don’t complain. You get what you pay for.

We all sell our time to make a living. When translators don’t get paid to check fuzzy matches that still need reading for the sake of consistency, they end up working for nothing. And to be honest, would you work for almost nothing? You know the answer, don’t you? What happens when a translation is delivered that fails to get across the original, carefully targeted message? Companies lose money and clients – they may even compromise their reputation. And saving money by opting for mass production ends up having a negative impact on the business. Fuzzing amazing!

A good translation takes time, imagination, creativity and great writing skills. A good translation costs money and anyone who tells you otherwise are kidding themselves. You can fly low-cost, eat hot dogs and buy cheap translations, but don’t be fooled. Quality, that tiny little detail, will be in pretty short supply. So why not just SMILE? You can find us at smilingteams.se