Nespresso. What else?

Nespresso is another of those companies that has got to people. It offers a wide range of coffee varieties and machines with a smart design and simple-to-use features, but what it does best is selling you prestige. When you put one of those tiny capsules in your machine, you feel powerful. When you visit their exclusive stores to buy coffee, you feel special.

The first time I entered the Nespresso empire, I almost thought that I had taken a wrong turning and arrived at Cartier’s. Suave men and elegant women, perfectly coiffed and dressed, offering me a cup of coffee and an expansive smile. “Here I am, Miss VIP. Of course you need all this expensive coffee!” Just think for a moment what a wonderful business idea this was, creating a luxurious world and offering customers a complete experience from bean to cup. Nespresso has got its adherents addicted to buying pricey coffee that can’t be found anywhere else, and customers all over the world are willing to create accounts on its website in order to get a shot of that special something every day.

The question is: Why did the brand succeed? For the simple reason that Nespresso’s marketing and advertising make you feel unique! Well, all of that and obviously George Clooney. An unbeatable combo. I think my mother still believes that someday he will turn up on her doorstep.

As in the case of Rituals, Nespresso gets you: these are two successful companies selling people new, fancy and rather expensive needs. One could argue that coffee and body lotion have nothing in common, but the thing is that they are not just selling a product –  they are selling a lifestyle. Success always starts with a strong why, call it exclusivity or serenity.

Let’s make sure your brand and its USP stand out in the information jungle!