Translation to go, please

Words have power. With words you can wound, praise, criticize, express feelings, judge, create a rhyme or be vulgar. With words you can hurt on purpose, heap praise on someone, criticize subtly, be ironic or express anger. You can use slang terms or scientific ones. You can choose to be ambiguous or to drop a hint. Sometimes you tell it like it is and sometimes you expect the reader to read between the lines. Do you really think that you can download an app that can do all this?

Maybe this sign actually means “Danger”. You can always carry on driving and find out what kind ;-). You can google a word and you might be lucky enough to get a correct translation. But don’t expect to find a machine-assisted translation that replicates the beauty and meaning implicit in the written words. Coffee lovers would never settle for a cup of instant coffee, and serious companies with respect for their clients and markets would never dream of entrusting their international future to translation companies that do not understand the power of words. There’s too much at stake.

So the key question is: Do you want a translation to go or do you care about your message? If you care as much as we do, why don’t you just SMILE?