To smile or not to smile…?

You have probably spent a lot of time and money on building up your corporate image. Every word, every sentence, every statement or slogan has been carefully chosen, because you want it to be just perfect. Each message should express the specific values of your company and faithfully communicate your overall company vision. 

You have presumably analyzed your target audience, considered in detail how you want this audience to perceive you and have created your own unique style, making sure you stand out from the competition. You may even have hired a specialized content provider to ensure that each text you send out is consistent with your image and has the maximum impact. 

As an international player, the next step is getting the material translated. Have you spent just as much time and effort on this part of the process? Have you checked whether these translations underpin your image in the same way as the original texts do? Do they convey the same feeling, values and style in every language? 

Unfortunately there are all too many examples of companies that rush this part of the process without giving it careful thought. They might choose a translation agency based on price, fast delivery, or simply because they know someone who knows someone who works there … 

The result? Translations that have a style not in keeping with the image, that express a totally different feeling, address the target audience in the wrong way, overflow with spelling mistakes, inconsistencies and incomprehensible terminology or quite simply adopt the wrong tone of voice. Translations that undermine rather than bolster your corporate image.

Translation of your carefully composed texts – regardless of their form and content – calls for the same attention, care and expertise as it took to write them. Sure, high-quality translations will cost a bit more, but will they come at a higher price than any potential damage to your company image abroad? So why don’t you just smile?