To smile or not to smile…?

You have probably spent a lot of time and money on building up your corporate image. Every word, every sentence, every statement or slogan has been carefully chosen, because you want it to be just perfect. Each message should express the specific values of your company and faithfully communicate your overall company vision.  You have […]

A life lesson legacy

The most beautiful picture I have of my father and me is one in which we sit together on an airbed in the water. My father looks straight into the camera and gives the photographer a cheery smile. He is paddling with his arms, one leg dangling on each side of the airbed and his […]

When words matter…

When do words matter? Probably not all the time. I can actually think of quite a lot of situations where words are unnecessary, rather disturbing or even completely misplaced. But most situations that include human interaction usually require the use of words. Words have immense power. They can lead to arguments and fights, sorrow and hatred. […]

According to the app it is raining

Not without my iPhone
I am at the station waiting for my train, due in 5 minutes. It’s a great opportunity to stand there and breathe in and out a couple of times. New air, new inspiration. Out with the old, in with the new. It takes just one minute to decompress. To tell the truth, it looks like […]

Long live creativity!

Many years ago I worked as a freelance translator for an agency specialized in the automotive industry. The source texts were mainly technical manuals for truck mechanics and to be honest; for me, as a newcomer in this industry, it could just as well have been Chinese.   Therefore I was rather grateful that the […]

Let’s clear out the dross

I’m probably a bit ghoulish, but I just love it when some really old skeleton is dug up somewhere around the world. I still remember the Viking that was found in Scotland a few years ago. Didn’t you feel a bit sorry for him? How jolly can it be to be jerked out of your […]