In the translation jungle…

… you get what you pay for
Few markets are as clearly split into two camps as the translation business. On one side you have the professional agencies and translators, aiming for high quality, great service and long-term relationships. On this side of the market it’s self-evident that translation is much more than just translating words; localization, adaptation to different cultures and […]

Doll doctor

I only heard this term for the first time in my life a week ago. I didn’t play with dolls when I was a little girl and I had no idea that you could actually take them to a “real” doctor. I was visiting the charming city of Vadstena with a good friend of mine […]

A good bargain is a steal

To google or not to google
This hilarious sign at an Indian airport is a prime example of just how badly things can turn out when you try to save money on translation. If you are as unlucky as this airport, someone takes a picture, shares it on Facebook and within just a couple of minutes a carefully built-up reputation can […]

100% fuzzing – a soulless job

Fast Track translation Cheap. Cheaper. Fast. Faster. Welcome to the modern age! Everything has to be cheaper and happen faster. Everyone seems to be expanding while reducing costs, in order to make money even faster. You can opt for faster and cheaper and get the impression that you are saving money, but don’t fool yourself […]